Who we are

The founder and driving force of Bridging International is Ludo Zaidi. With over 28 years of experience in renowned companies such as Saint-Gobain (Flexovit), Hitachi Koki (Sankyo). In the past 10 years he has been active in the food processing industry as International Sales Manager for the Belgian company FAM, world leader in high capacity precision cutting machines. During his last corporate assignment, Ludo Zaidi worked in Myanmar as Project Manager in a food processing project, it was during this period that he got convinced of the potential this country has to offer. With that, he launched his own company with a clear mission: To grant the local food producers of Myanmar access to premium quality food processing machines so they can start producing premium quality food products themselves. This will enable them not only to build a reputation of high quality in the local market, but will also unlock possibilities for export. 

As an independent agent for several brands, Bridging International offers you a full service during the entire purchase cycle. We will assist you in choosing the best solution and machinery according to your needs in production capacity, required processing techniques and other criteria. Then, when you have purchased your machine, we make sure it is installed successfully. Finally, you can count on us for all you’re after sales needs, including supporting your sales development. Through our international experience we are also in an excellent position to offer you consultancy on the export possibilities for your product.

Bridging International Your premium partner in food processing


Myanmar offers a vast potential in natural resources. Unfortunately, most of the machines being used for food production are of an inferior quality. This makes it hard, impossible even, for food producers to compete with the quality standards of imported products. Bridging International wants to bridge this gap by offering high quality machines from all over the world in order to enable local food producers to develop premium products that live up to premium quality standards. Moreover, we also want to help local food producers to develop the export of their products through specialized export consultancy.

Bridging International Your premium partner in export


• Import of high quality machines
• Consultancy on the added value of our machines for your production process
• After sales service for purchased machines
• Consultancy and advice concerning hygiene and food safety
• Consultancy on the right choice of raw materials, the processing, packaging and storage of your product
• Business development and export partner for your premium products

Why work with us

Bridging International offers you a range of machines which share two trademarks in particular: superior quality and a long-term vision. Although the initial investment for these machines is larger, they are the wiser choice for several reasons:
• they offer a higher yield
• they are more precise, offering better finished product quality
• these machines are more hygienic
• their maintenance cost is low, allowing for a low cost of ownership
• the machines are safer in usage and easy to operate

Using these machines will not only allow you to offer the local market a better product, it will also unlock the gate towards the export market, generating a higher profit.

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